Welcome to Jouetsukan.

There is a place, where everybody would love to stay in a Valley and very quiet place.
Small Japanese styled hotel.
We have 5 rooms, each room has their own style and that has great view from the windows.

In spring - Fresh smell of greens.
In summer - Lots of fire flies are around.
In autumn - Very autumn colors.
In winter - Only white with snow.
The time goes very slow with those seasons.

We have 3 private bathes,2 of them are inside 1 is open-air bath. (It's different from Azami’s)
The hot spring is 100% pure.
The meals are very original Japanese and Western style.
They are all seasonal home made.
You can find the Japanese time with your stay.

Hot Springs



Japanese room1
Max 2 people
Japanese room 2
Max 4 people
Japanese western room1 with 2 beds
Max 4 people
Japanese western room2 with 2 beds
Max 6 people
Japanese room3
(detached house with open air bath)
Max 4 people


By car

Using Kan-etsu expressway
Nerima I.C - Minakami I.C  1 hour 30 min.
Nagaoka I.C - Min akami I.C 1 hour 10 min.
Towards Mt. tanigawa
Approximately 8 min from Minakami I.C

By train

Using Tokyo monorail
Haneda Airport - Tokyo Station 26min.
Using Narita Express
Narita Airport - Tokyo Station 56min.
Using JoetsuShinkansen
Tokyo - Jomokogen 1 hours 15 min.
Nigata - Jomokogen 1 hours 10 min.
25 min by taxi from Jomokogen.
※ We do have the pickup car system.


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